Apr 26, 2009

at long last, they are gone!

My awful neighbors finally moved out. No more trash in the carport or above ground pool in the summer, yay! The owner of the house told me he decided to sell the house because he was afraid that if he told them they had to move out they might burn the place down. That is just great. I though it was because the teenage daughter had a baby so they needed a bigger place.
In any case, they are officially gone and I am hoping some nice, sane people buy the house and move in. I even took down most of the fence!

Dec 7, 2008

holy crap, I did it!

As most of you know, my ex-boyfriend The Musician has been living with me since last October (2007). I can definitely say that it has been more of a pain in my ass than anything else. It all started when I let him move in rent-free & in return he was supposed to help me around the house with some small and large projects including painting my three bedrooms. Bad idea, as you can imagine. At some point he did start paying me some rent money. By April of this year he had only gotten two of them painted; as a result of me constantly riding his ass. I finally freaked the fuck out because I wanted them done before my "thank god I quit that suck-ass state job" party in early May. He did a shitty job, never painted the third bedroom & complained the whole time. *sigh*
Long story short, he currently owes me over $800 in rent & bill money and I can't even count on him to buy toilet paper when we're one roll away from running out. Amidst all this, he still believes he can convince me to marry him one day. Uh, yeah that might just happen...when hell freezes over!
So today the straw finally broke the camel's back, although it has been in the process of breaking for a mighty long time. I calmly told him that I wanted him out by January 16, when my spring semester starts. WOOT! I can't believe it. Thank god for all my wonderful girlfriends who kept validating my reality and reminding me that I will never have another date as long as my ex-boyfriend is sleeping in the next bedroom. Ugh, co-dependency is a bitch y'all!

Oct 16, 2008

no more ex-boyfriends and I meant it!

You may recall that I mentioned this summer that I was planning to meet an ex-boyfriend in Kauai. Well that turned into yet another disaster, go figure!

I have decided that my "recycling ex-boyfriends" phase is now officially over. They are usually our exes for a reason. In the immortal words of my friend M.P.L., "sex with exes is like eating your own vomit." Thankfully I did not put myself through that nasty experiment on my Hawaii vacation.

Here is a photo to illustrate what a child I was dealing with, a child who wore white linen pants. They don't even wear white linen pants on CSI Miami!

This guy was so obnoxious, at one point he actually joked that he is an "amateur gynecologist." Revolting!!! And to think, I had grand plans of finally getting some nookie in Hawaii, what was I thinking???

Jul 28, 2008

the fence is a reality!

Check out the awesome neighbor blocker:

I think they will leave me alone now.

Jul 23, 2008

fence raising

You may recall that I am not particularly fond of my next-door neighbors. The lady is always trying to talk to me, often walks around in a sports bra & cut-offs, the man (who sounds like Foghorn Leghorn) is always yelling at her and the18-year-old daughter (who seems very sweet, all things considered) has a new gangsta boyfriend every other week. Now they have a puppy that is cute as the dickens and I just know she's going to end up tied to a tree. Ergo, I have decided to erect a fence between our carports so I don't have to observe their nastiness every time I leave or come home or hang my laundry on the clothesline. I have all ready purchased all the necessary supplies. Stay tuned, pictures of said fence to follow soon.

Jun 28, 2008